Mention Medical Tourism and one country, Thailand, keeps coming up. Thailand is the home of Medical Tourism with over 300,000 visiting in 2003 rising to an estimated 1.4 million in 2006. While most associate Bangkok with shining, golden temples it is the glittering medical facilities that attract the Medical Tourist. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The scale of Thailand’s medical sector is staggering: Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok treated nearly 1 million patients last year; 400,000 foreign patients of which 120,000 came from Europe and America.

Excellence in healthcare is a family tradition in Thailand. The current king’s father Prince Mahidol, a U.S. board certified doctor, began the transformation of the country’s healthcare system in the 1920s. A close relationship with America’s medical profession remains to this day, with large numbers of Thai doctors receiving training and board certification in America before returning home to practice.

Medical excellence reaches out into all aspects of Thailand’s governance creating a truly integrated approach to improving standards. From a national programme of hospital accreditation to the highest standards of laboratory inspection, quality is a vital component of Thailand’s medical sector.

Thailand’s medical expertise covers every conceivable situation. Heart and liver transplants first began to be performed during the 1980s. This tradition of world leadership in medicine continues to this day.

Bangkok’s BHN Hospital recently became one of the few world facilities offering Total Artificial Disc Replacement. It is not just foreign expertise that is driving Thailand’s medical profession; a growing pool of home-grown talent is pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge.

One of Thailand’s most prestigious public hospitals, Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, recently presented a major study on the use of stem cell therapy in the treatment of severe heart disease to the American Heart Association, cementing the countries reputation as a world leader in medical research.


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